Sergei Timokin never heard about Jesus and the Bible but he saw a dollar with In God We Trust message. The journey to search for God and Spiritual Zion has began. Someway the Bible got to Sergei from Americaand it turned him and Russia upside down/ personal testimony and bio video



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Who he is 


Sergei Timokin

Pastor Kim Harrington

Brother Sergei and his wife Nina are frequent guests here at Believers Fellowship, and he is among the most popular speakers we've ever had. He became the pastor of the most significant church in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) when Russia relaxed it's anti-religious views in the early 1990's, after having served time in prison for his faith prior to that.

Sergei is a leader of the greater Russian church, and is in demand in the USA and elsewhere, having spoken at Billy Joe's Dougherty's in Tulsa, Lakewood in Houston (John and Joel Osteen), and has appeared on TBN television several times (more, video)


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What other people say about Ps Tim (sergei timokin)

I am encouraged by Sergei's God-given vision. He spoke in my place in Dallas several times. Zig Zigler (documentary)

Sergei spoke several times on TBN Praise the Lord to inspire Americans. He helped us in Russia a lot!

Paul Crouch


I am pleased to know Sergei Timokhin and shake his hand. I signed a Document to greet his spiritual work for Russia.

Michael Gorbachev



Ricky performed in Pastor Tims church in Russia back in 90-s Friendship began with regular meetings. Pastor Tim spoke in Rickys home group recently.

Ricky Skaggs

In 1991 Charlie Denials

came to Ps Tims Ordination in Christ Church Nashville, TN. They met for the first time. 2011 National Day of Prayer they pray together in courthouse Lebanon ,Tn

May 5th 2011 (documentary)


Sergei spoke in Lakewood Church in 1995 for Joels father John Osteen. He met young Joel.

Now, he visited Lakewood again to greet the old friend.


I know Sergei for 20 years. He helped me in Russia to do the ministry. He spoke in my church here in Tulsa number of times. Its time for him to bless America with what he has from God.

Billy Joe Dougherty

(video documentary endorsement)