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: RED REVIVAL  is a Hudson Taylors prophecy of the end of 19th century. It talks about two world wars  (Russia 1919&1945) and the following revival from Russia to the world with 1,ooo,000,000 saved souls. It will last till our Lords return. 
According to the Word (Deut 12:1-3)  spiritual stronghold over the Nation stands in the high-place of the Nation. RED SQUARE Jesus National Celebration is a tool to destroy the idol bastion that the Nation worshipped for 70 years. Then RED REVIVAL will be released    (more)

Please, come. We need helpers in any area. If you want to make a love-offering for Sergei Timokin Ministry to be a partner of his work in Russia, please, pray for the following needs:

: Church of St. Petra is full of team players to fulfill the Great Commandments. Our vision is called Christian City Church, our culture is called Cowboy Church, His way is Red Revival. We have U2 type of band.   
We are to be fresh and attractable for a new Russian generation of  yuppies to lead them to know Jesus, to have the family life and serve people.                                                              church. We need prayer and help.


: We have a vision to plant 100 new church generation bodies in 100 main Russian cities toward the year of 2020. 
We believe in the RED REVIVAL and work to set up a stable faith apostolic churches to catch the fire of the Lord. We believe in a mega church which is based on leadership that stands on character which rests upon the Lord (more)
: CHURCH PLANTING  100\100     (20\20 vision)
: eZuZ is the world music mission to reach the unchurched in urban mega police of St. Petersburg, Moscow and the rest of the world. 
It is Pastor Sergeis  world-image to be free to perform in night-clubs and concert halls, to lead the church show business outreach.
In eZuZ  studio he records  hits that focus on  secular world (more)


: RED REVIVAL (about)


Next USA visit to minister in churches - August-September 2010


red@timokin.org tel +79119244928 skype: pastorsergei


Help needed

Cowboy Church (more)