Western style represent the respected West and its values

Russian style makes everybody laugh and humoristic.

We made our church worship place. Wild West style!

Church office, Christian school, recording studio and residential house. We are forming the core for new generation of churches.

We built a tent, made it warm inside, will decorate it Western style outside. 4,000 cars pass by daily on the main highway to\from Europe.

He that approves you approves Me

In Russia people begin to look up for the development. Competent and modern people are models of the community.

Communist and orthodox church leaders try to keep Russia in stagnation. But our vision is to turn the church toward the young professionals, the natural hope of the Russian future. Unfortunately, they dont relate to any church. But leader means master. Let them know Master Jesus via yuppies church!

For Russia it means a lot! Post-soviet, third world, slave mentality is a national problem. Moral people step back in fear but immoral and greedy people get the first place in the community. Christian church is forced politically to be a second class body with no influence. We have committed to turn it upside down and make the church a prosperous and fruitful place which influences the world with godly ideas carried by the best characters to good deed&deal. Head leads the tail!



Christian fun